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The Innovative Leader in Metal Detection



Looking for something?  Or do you long for the thrill of Discovery!  This is the progressive company with the professional search products for the new millennium.    

Quantro Sensing has broken the prohibitively high price barrier that used to prevent ownership of QUALITY PROFESSIONAL MAGNETOMETER AND SEARCH EQUIPMENT.   ALL MADE IN THE USA!          ESTABLISHED 1998



Since 1998 we have sold hundreds magnetometers world wide using the same proven electronics board. Quantro Sensing is the innovative leader with the most advanced microprocessor driven metal detectors available. Our magnetometers work when other don't due to our modern micro processor design and superior noise canceling filtering that is built into each board. These are being used by Commercial Divers, Professional Archaeologist, Treasure Hunters, Law Enforcement Agency's, and Hobbyist Word Wide.  Below is a partial list of clients.

US Park Service submerged cultural resources diving unit.

Numerous Law enforcement agency's

Numerous Environmental survey companies

Mel Fisher Key West FL



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GOOD Tone Mag 1

BEST  Tone Mag 1A Fast.  Features faster update, target alarm and more battery capacity then Tone Mag 1.


The industry standard!  Discovery Underwater Handheld Proton Magnetometer


GOOD  Discovery LC1 Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer

BETTER  Discovery LC Digital Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer. Features digital noise free uplink with the magnetometer data fully processed in the fish.  It will drive up to a 4000 foot cable.   

BEST  Discovery Digital Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer. Same as the above LC Digital but has the alarm feature and built in data logging. Uses the same fish as LC Digital.




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 MSRP     $5,950.00   MADE IN THE USA

QUANTRO SENSING is founded on the principles of  INNOVATIONQUALITY,   and  AFFORDABILITY.  Our DISCOVERY magnetometer and other upcoming products are the direct result of knowing first hand what works,  what doesn't work,  and what is needed in the field of remote sensing.  This lifetime of knowledge is derived from 1000`s of hours of hands-on experience in the field using the best sensing equipment available in the world.

DISCOVERY is our underwater handheld PROTON magnetometer.  DISCOVERY uses a state of the art circuit incorporating an embedded microprocessor and advanced semiconductors designed for the year 2000 and beyond.  This is a one gamma sensitivity magnetometer using a large red LED five number readout of the absolute magnetic field value.  DISCOVERY is rated to a depth of 130` feet.  It uses a simple built in system for world wide tuning using a look up table to set a ten position micro switch. It also has a unused RS232 and RS485 output that could be used with DGPS logging.

LOCATING AND PINPOINTING  any ferrous metal target underwater is easy and precise with a proton magnetometer. Search contractors, military forces and geologists world wide have done so with complete accuracy since the 1950`s.   They have PINPOINTED where to find the wreckage, were to drill for oil and the exact location of that sub.  Simply swim east/west through the general area of the target  noting the highest reading and make a long mark in the sand at that spot.  Your target will be very close directly to the north or south on this line. Now swim from the south end of the target area towards the north on the line noting the highest reading and making a long mark in the sand.  Your target will be right under that mark.

DISCOVERY will run for up to 5 hours on a single battery charge while providing a new reading every 5 seconds.  The update rate of the readout of DISCOVERY is user adjustable by setting a switch on the face plate.  This switch allows for two update rates.   FIVE seconds and TWO and a half seconds.   This rate can be changed at anytime during your search. At the TWO and one half second update rate the battery will last around 2 hours.

Standard with every DISCOVERY system is a built in rechargeable battery with a life of  200 to 300 charges. Also included is a  110 volt battery charger and a durable ABS plastic transport case. DISCOVERY  is designed to be taken apart for shipping in its own case, allowing you to easily travel with it in your car, plane, or boat!

DISCOVERY NOW HAS SOUND.   Now standard with a ear phone with a continuous tone that changes in pitch with changes in the gamma readouts.  If the numbers go up or down the tone also goes up or down.  (You do not have to watch the readout,  just listen for your target.) PINPOINTING THE EXACT LOCATION IS A SNAP. 

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Heavy construction, a recessed face plate to protect the switches and a see through face gives you a positive indication at a glance that the unit remains water tight.   Compact  27 1/2" x 19" x 7"   ABS easy travel case.


Discovery Digital Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer.  Powered by Four Microprocessors

                                                                                                         Unique Features    Built in Logging

 Plug in the included high performance Garmin X series WAAS GPS receiving puck and run it without a computer out on the boat. It will log its own time, position and magnetic reads for latter transfer to a computer. You could then search using your own GPS Plotter to navigate the boat.  

 Or plug it into a computer along with your GPS unit on the boat and run it using the included MagSurvey software.

 Worldwide tuning, no extra “ tuning modules to buy”

 Noise free digital uplink of gamma readings. Processing done at the towfish.

 Trusted proton magnetometer purchased by people who are "in the know” of which       Magnetometers really perform and which are lacking. 

 Hundreds of magnetometers sold since 1998. Used by “environmental survey companies”  NUMA,     

 Government agencies and universities archeological departments to name a few.

Easy breakdown of the towfish for  compact storage.  No expensive shipping .  The entire system fits into a medium sized suitcase.

Nose tow  point for better snag resistance verses center arm tow point systems.













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New Discovery LC Digital Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer

The LC Digital uses the same tow fish as the Discovery Digital. The difference being that the control box does not have the alarm feature and the embeded logging.


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Discovery Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer

  MSRP  $4,995.00 

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This magnetometer features RS232 output for use with the optional computer Mag Survey Software.

Small in size and featuring removal fins for easy shipping in any small suit case. The sensor is high quality noise canceling design. The front end features a removable nose cap with a 5 inch deep free flooding compartment that can have diving lead weights installed for deep sensor use. (weights not included) This magnetometer could also be used on land as well as in the water for surveying areas of interest.

The sensor has a removable plug for easy filling and draining  for shipment through the mail or in your checked baggage on a plane.



The gamma readout is 5 numbers world standard with a one gamma resolution.  Comes with 100 feet of cable. World wide tuning is built right into the electronics board selectable through 10 small dip switches though a port on the bottom of the control box. There are no additional (tuning modules) to be purchased if you move your search area. 24 Volt DC power needed.


NEW Discovery Tone Mag 1, Tone Mag 1A Fast.  The newest most advanced detector available. Over 10 times the detection distance of a regular metal or pulse detector.

The metal detector like search proton magnetometer.

Easy to use and fast coverage of your search area.  Duel microprocessor controlled. Tone audio indication of targets. Fast update and target alarm available to find your target fast.

Totally ignores aluminum cans, foil and pop tops that clutter mask and confuse standard metal detectors. It can locate a hand gun from 10 feet away in tall grass.

Uses. Meteorite hunting. Fast police weapons search. Relic hunting for cannon balls and projectiles.  Locate old trash dumps. Archeological surveys. Fast search's for submerged cars by simply walking along the river or canal bank with a 75 feet plus detection radius range of a average size car. Surveying for abandoned wells. Positive fast pipe and water line locating. Find shallow water shipwrecks by searching an area on the surface from a small boat.

The standard Tone Mag 1 is the same except that the alarm switch is deleted the cycle update rate is slower.

Size overall for both units is 45 x 4 inches.

Weight 12 pounds Tone Mag 1 and 17 pounds for the Tone Mag 1A Fast.

The technical differences.

 Tone Mag 1 has a 2.5, 5, and a 10 second update rate and does not have the target alarm feature. The self contained battery will run it for 2 hours at the fastest update and 8 hours at the slowest update.

Tone Mag 1A Fast has a high speed microprocessor with much faster, almost seamless sound update faster then 1.5, 3 and 6 seconds maximum. Target alarm that sounds off when a target at or over your selected value is approached. Three times the battery capacity running it 8 hours at the fastest update rate.

TONE MAG 1  MSRP $2,195.00    TONE MAG 1A FAST MSRP $2,795.00


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NEW   MagSurvey Magnetometer Software. Priced Right at $495.00

Low cost Magnetometer Software. Perfect for magnetometer survey.

This new software will work will all Quantro Sensing magnetometers and most other brands from different manufactures including.    AquaScan, J.W. Fishers, Gem Systems, Geomag, Geometrics,  and Marine Magnetics.

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Please go to  kellycodetectors.com our stocking distributor to see a wide assortment of all kinds of instruments for your metal detection needs.

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10. $ wise DISCOVERY is the most useful single piece of remote sensing equipment you can buy.

9.   Whether your target is exposed or buried makes no difference in the sensing distance to a proton magnetometer like DISCOVERY.   Also once a  target has been located its approximate size and weight can be determined with a little practice.

8.  While using a DISCOVERY in shallow water you could systematically search an area of interest while simply snorkeling. A large area could be covered over the course of months or years.  This could be done with a small budget and with the complete confidence of not missing your target. (if done properly)

7.  Targets will not mysteriously disappear or "swim away".  Once you sense a target, DISCOVERY  will see it exactly the same day after day and year after year unless it is removed. Sonar's and metal detectors give reading that can easily vary from day to day and are constantly misread even by the experts.

6.  DISCOVERY  is not confused by aluminum cans,  pull tops and bottle caps (droppings of man) which render even so called discrimination type "metal detectors"  useless.  Proton mags like DISCOVERY can not sense these items at all.

5.  The DISCOVERY handheld underwater proton magnetometer is the best  tool for underwater weapons searches available to law enforcement agencies in the world today.. It will produce results.

4.  Proton mags like DISCOVERY do not "lie" or give false indications of metal.  If it indicates something there,  then it is there.  If it indicates that nothing is there, then it is not there and you can move on with total confidence of not missing what you were look for.

3.  When searching an area for your target with a DISCOVERY proton mag you will know for sure if it's there or not. Proton mags are absolute sensors of the total magnetic field. Not like fluxgate or pipe locators which are whimsical detectors of only large changes in the earth's field.  Pipe locators only have a maximum range of 15` feet even for a large target like a garbage truck!!!

2.  Proton magnetometers (like DISCOVERY) have found more documented dollars in artifacts and treasure then all other remote search sensors combined in the world today.

1.  Someone else maybe thinking of buying one and looking where you were going to look. You could miss your chance at your Discovery of a lifetime.           MADE IN THE USA

BACKGROUND INFO:   Magnetometers detect ferrous metals that could be attracted by a magnet. Steel, iron and iron rich rocks. A good way to remember this is that ferrous metals (detectable) rust or stain yellow/orange.

Magnetometers will not detect or "see" nonferrous metals. Gold, silver, lead, copper, aluminum, and some stainless steel.  (This makes the underwater mag indispensable for weapon searches). Aluminum cans and pull tabs are not detected. These items render a metal detector "coin shooter" useless. Thus the magnetometer shines in searches for weapons on land or underwater!

Approximate detection distances.   Reading are in  gamma's. The "Close" and "Far" columns indicate distance in feet from the object and the change from the normal gamma background reading as you near the object.  So the "Close" column indicates a whopping change and the "Far" column indicates a good easy to notice "detection" of the object.

                                                                                                  CLOSE               FAR

(NOTE:  All absolute                          GARBAGE TRUCK        100`    20g            150`      5g

total field magnetometers                    CAR    2000lb                    40`     20 g           75`     5 g

sense the exact same                           ANCHOR   12` 1700`s       25`    20g           50       5 g 

distances per gamma).                         HANDGUN  45 auto         6`      15 g           10`        5 g

Whether you spend  $1,000                  RIFLE     30/30                  6`       20 g           12`     5 g

 or $50,000 .                                       KNIFE   8"                        4`       20 g             6`      5g

SPECIFICATIONS:  Operating time with fully charged battery at 72 degs.  8hrs @ 10 second update,  4hrs @ 5 second update,  2hrs @ 2 1/2 second update. Note up to 50% less time at temps below 50 deg.

Charge time from low battery, 30% remaining. 5hrs to 85% charge, 14hrs to 105%  at 72 deg.  Magnetometer.   length 59" max,   height 14" max,   weight in air 16lbs,  weight in water -1/4 lb.  ABS plastic case.       27 1/2"  x 19" x 7"   max.     Shipping weight  approx.  38 lbs.

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